4 years ago, a endodontist did a root canal near the site of my lump...on the next tooth. I remember the area was painful and he put many
needles of freezing in there. Whilst he was working I felt like there was something there like a tender area. When he finished the one tooth he mentioned that the next tooth appeared to have some indications of root problems even though there was already a root canal on that tooth.
He mentioned that it appeared that it would abcess and cause me grief at some point. I thought that I would let the first root canal heal up a bit and then see how I was doing.

Now in the current time..four years later... I had noticed that there was a lump at the site of this alleged bad tooth roots. I had my dentist look at it xray it with panoramic xray, and I had the specialist, endo, also take a look. I am scheduled also to have a maxillo facial surgeon render his professional opinion in the near future.

The specialist felt that we needed to redo a 4 root canal on the tooth near the lump, and then to see if the lump would resolve itself. I tend to agree that this lump is directly related to the tooth, nerves, roots, and it is likely some sort of abcess.

I am trying to decide if I want to go the root canal or maybe just have the entire tooth removed and put a implant there, I figure the root canal, and crown work will be roughly the same price so this is my situation right now.