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I just noticed a lump about the size of a dime underneath the skin in my scrotum. It is on the left side beside the left testicle. I can take my finger and move the lump around, but it is very soft like a fluid build up. It is not hard or red or anything. Are there any ideas as to what this could be?


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So, the lump is not on the testicle itself, right? That’s good!It is also good that it is soft and movable. Considering it is a dime size and feels like a fluid build up, I reckon that it actually could be a fluid build up called hydrocele.

The fluid that forms hydrocele is from the abdomen. It reaches scrotum when a tube doesn’t close properly down there and it allows this fluid to enter forming a cyst and enlarging the scrotum. These cysts are harmless and may not need treatment.

But it is IMPORTANT that you have this checked with an urologist because any mass needs identifications. I had a friend who noticed a small mass in his testicle, went to see what it is and it turned out to be a tumor, so you shouldn’t play with this.