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For the past few months there has been a small soft-ish lump in my scrotum. It seems to be attached by a string to the side of my right testicle. You can't notice it unless you really try to. It has brought on occasional aches in my right testicle as well as the right side of my lower abdomen.

When I actually look down at my testicles I notice that my left hangs lower than my right one. Since the testicular mass appeared in my scrotum, or at least since I noticed it, my right one has been hanging higher than my left than it usually does. Especially in the shower. It'll be much higher than my left one.

When I feel both of my testicles, my left one feels fine. I can roll over the entire oval and check for any irregular lumps. When I roll my fingers around my right testicle, I feel the testicle, but I also feel either tissue, swollen veins, or that strange lump alongside my testicle. It seems to be attached by a string, for it moves a little.

It has never caused me pain and I told my mother about it and she said that my dad has "aches" down there too, so maybe it just runs in the family? From what I've read on the internet it seems to be a spermatocele.

For the past two weeks when I sit or am walking I can feel something pressing against my leg. It feels heavier, or something. I can't explain it, but in my mind I know it's there. I can't notice any testicle mass difference when I look down, but I can feel it against my leg? If that makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Mark,

I too had some discomfort but in my right testical, the doc examined me and i was sent for an ultrasound.

they said it was cysts about 3 or 4 approx 3 cms in diameter, apparantlly it is nothing to worry about, at my age i am 42 and had a vasectomy and the opening or OP on the sack could have caused it.... i also have psoriarsis and it is common.

1 thing i was told: as long as the cyst is not joint to the testical it is not testicular cancer.

For me to give the best advice go see a doctor just to be on safe side, and the sooner u can the better.

Giood luck mate



it may be this
"Hydatid of Morgagni

Appendix of the epididymis (Hydatid of Morgagni) - this is felt as a small lump near the very top of the testicle. It may be a small cyst on a stalk or it may be felt as a hard small rice grain size lump on the surface of the top of the testicle. It is a common minor variant and is in fact a left over during development of the body (for those who want a technical explanation it is a remnant of a tubule from the mesonephros or middle kidney!). A hydatid of Morgagni may cause trouble if it is on a stalk and twists and causes pain. If this happens it is important to distinguish the problem from the much more serious condition of twisting of the whole of testicle.""


Hi Mark, i have something that sounds the same as you (apart from the feeling on my leg). On my right testicle is a rice sized "mini testicle" which seems to be attached by a cord to like you say, a lot of seemingly swollen veins. I get aches occasionally on the right side of the abdomen and in the scrotum...never seemingly on the left. I first noticed this when i was about 13 or 14 (i am now 21) but this lump may have always been there, and i just never noticed it before that age. I havent been to a doctor about it, but would like to go just to make sure. Im quite curious as to what it is, hopefully (touch wood) its nothing serious as its been here for so long not getting bigger or providing any more pain. It doesnt hurt to touch the lump, but much the same as a hurts if a bit more pressure is applied or if i try to hold it in my fingers. next to the lump is a mass of veins or swelling which is also painful (not as much) when i try to hold it. Anyone got anymore info? Thanks, Phill


My name is eric. I have been having groin pain on the right side but then I started noticing the pain getting worse but couldn't pinpoint the origin of the pain. It's been hurting off n on for the past two weeks or so. No blood or pain ejaculation. But I'm scared to even have sex now. My left testicle is fine,no pain. My right testicle n right groin has a constant dull pain then sometimes a sharp pain. I searched on and around my right testicle until I found the source of pain! It's a lump directly above my right testicle that u s soft n sunk in in th middle like if u smashed a grape with ur fingers and then placed it in ur scrotum right above ut right testicle! That's what it seems like. It's like a third testicle above my my right testicle but it feels like someone popped it like a grape. I'm really worried bc I've already had a cancerous tumor taken out of my neck. They took the whole pituitary or parotid gland. So that's got ne vCard even more concerned! Ty