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Hello. I have a lump on the lower right side of my stomach. It's internal, not external. I thought that it may be gas. When I go to the bathroom, it moves from my lower right side of my stomach to the bottom center of my stomach - above my bikini line.

I am a female, but definitely not pregnant. I was in the middle of a physical (not with my primary doctor) and she asked if I was pregnant when she felt my stomach. I told her no, and then she said that it could be a cyst or hernia.

I noticed this lump when I was sitting really close to a desk and my stomach was pressed up to it maybe 2 months ago, or longer. And, I can really only feel it if I am on my back and press down on it or pressed up to something like a desk/table.

Any ideas on what this could be? Also, what would a doctor need to do, as far as x-rays or sonograms are concerned, to diagnose this - especially if it's just a hernia? Thanks.


I know you say you couldn't be pregnant, but it sounds like pregnancy to me. Depending on if you've ever been pregnant before, generally for your first child around 13 weeks, you will feel a knot or lump above your bikini line and generally you can only feel it when you're lying flat on your back. Does it feel tender when you press on it?