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I have had a hard lump about the size of a quarter in my lower abdomen for almost 5 or 6 years. It is basically about 2 inches inward from my hip bone on the right side. I have mentioned it to doctors before but they said as long as it doesn't grow its fine. It occasionally hurts when I laugh hard, cough hard etc. but lately it is much more painful - if I sneeze or laugh it hurts much more than it use to. I can press all around it and it is fine, but the lump itself is hard and sensitive. What could this be? Everytime I go to the Dr. they blow it off. What should I be asking or telling them? I did have a ceserean 7 years ago and it has been mentioned to me that it might be a lump of scar tissue - but would that hurt like this? Any info would help! Thanks!


Well, if a lump hurts when laughing hard or coughing, it usually means that it is hernia. Some hernias are harmless but others could cause complications.

It takes a regular physical test to diagnose hernia and you should push your doctors until they tell you what this really is.

Most hernias could be pushed back into the intestines and those that can't may cause complications. Hernias could be fixed in an outpatient procedure with a very fast recovery.

You need to be persistent until they tell you what it is. Good luck!