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I have been concerned about this for a while now.

During May of '07 I noticed this small lump on top of my left testicle. It is visible at times, and at others it isn't. It is not hard.

I have no back pain or abdominal pain. I THINK (not positive) it has been slowly growing and I have been doing my fair share of research on the subject.

When I noticed it, I think it was shortly after a girl kicked me really hard in it.

When I get sexually arroused it is usually larger and more visible.

It moves with the testicle.

It is now April '08 and I'm going to get it checked in 2 days.

I noticed it when I was 12 and I am now 13. I have really been embarrassed to tell, but pulled together. Is it cancerous? Should I get an ultrasound?

Please help.
Thank you.


The doctor said that it was simply a vein, but I'm greatly relieved I went.
It took off a lot of stress, and allowed me to focus back on life.
If anyone is having this problem, don't worry much, but go to the doctor.