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a little over a year ago i noticed a bump right on top (upper side where the epididymis should start). so i went to my doctor, but i believe that it was a little chilly and the scrotum toughened. after the check, the doctor said that it's probably nothing, maybe a little bit of rheumatism, or something like that. the thing is that i don't have pains often in my groin(just really scattered one, like this week, next one 2 weeks from now) but nothing acute just something that passes in 2-3 min tops. as for pain in other parts, nothing. both testicles sides seem ok, all round, no bumps, left is lower than right so i guess that's ok too.
after an erection my testicles may be a little more sensitive, but both of i don't get anything from that.

bottom line, it's a bump, something that isn't there on my left testicle, approx 1cm, attached to the upper part of my right testicle(right at the top) where the epididymis should start, it doesn't hurt if i squeeze it(or my testicle) and continuing from it i can feel what would be much smaller epididymis(that lead all the way to the veins that lead out of the scrotum). it's been more than one year since my exam, and i don't think anything changed. it's on my mind and driving me crazy, but maybe that's because i got things on my mind,(exams, work, etc).
what do you guys think ? should i get a re exam ?

PS: how long does it take to evolve from stage 1 to stage 2 and so on ?


and another question. how often does the pain happen in a cancer situation ? (groin and abdomen)

is it possible to have cancer and not experience any type of pain ?

how long does it take (the tumor) to grow in size ?

does it grow an any part of the testicle or just the center part ?

it is summer, the temperature grows to 40-45*C and then lowers to about 30-35*C. is it normal for the testicles to change size and become (slightly) more sensitive ?

can we see the tumors color trough the groin ?if so what should it look like ?

i really hope someone answers this one. i'm dooing my best to keep my mind off of it but still, can't help it.


Hey dude, nothing to worry about. If its near the epididymis then it's 99.9% likely to be a cyst. They are very common. If its soft to the touch, then its perfectly fine. If its very hard then go.