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My wife has Lupus that has been in remission for over 15 years, she is 46 and wants to take Seasonique. She wants to regulate and limit her periods. I think it is a bad idea, any thoughts on this matter?


I'm 23 and have been diagnosed with SLE 5 months ago. before the diagnosis it was reallly, really, really bad. I went on plaquenil 5 months ago and seasonique 4 months ago and i don't know if the seasonique had any impact at all on my illness, good or bad. I'm not exactly in remission, but I've been generally well since the plaquenil.

However, i flare up more around my period, which, since I get less of those now, think I am flaring up less due to seasonique reducing the frequency of my periods. But both seasonique and Lupus are so new to me that I don't know for sure. However, my rheumatologist told me to stay on Seasonique if that helps your wife with her decision. She could try it, and if it brings on a flare then she can stop. i would say talk to her rheumatologist and gynecologist both, though.