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Hi, folks. My wife has been diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome and she has lupus anticoagulant antibodies. We have heard that these antibodies can cause miscarriage and we would like to know this for sure since we have no kids. Do you know something more about this? If you do, please share with us.


Hello there cole869,

Unfortunately you have heard it right and lupus anticoagulant disorder can cause miscarriage. But there is no need to stress yourself out regarding this matter right away. First you need to confirm this diagnosis at least twice. Then your wife will need to start with certain therapies and these include certain medications.

After starting with the prescribed therapy she will need to talk with her doctor about the possibilities regarding her pregnancy and desire to get pregnant but I believe that you will manage to go through all this without additional complications if the therapy works the way it should. Keep us posted about your and your wife’s progress and I hope that you will get pregnant soon.