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I’m thinking of getting pregnant but I have a problem with antiphospholipid antibodies. I know that having antibodies is not a good thing especially during the pregnancy but anyway I still want to stay pregnant so I need some info about antiphospholipid antibodies and how it could be treated. Thanks.


Being suspected or diagnose of having antiphospholipid syndrome is never a good sign it is in fact very serious condition that affects health and it is more common in woman. I have two children and I carried them with my anthiphospholipid antibodies and I know how hard it could be but you have big chances for healthy pregnancy if you get the proper and early prenatal care. Antiphospholipid syndrome is immune system disorder that results in excessive blood clotting and very often causes pregnancy complication such as pregnancy loss, fetal death, and premature birth and is always associated with developing of anthiphospholipid antibodies in the blood. This is actually protein which is not good to be present in the blood for it may cause some serious health condition – thrombosis that may result in stroke or infraction, migraines and may cause inflammation of the spinal cord and of course pregnancy loss. If you plan to stay pregnant it is very important to change medicines during pregnancy and you will be having more frequent medical controls that includes – blood test for these antibodies, you will probably be advised to control blood clothing levels in the blood, monitoring to detect possible signs of hypertension, fetal heart monitoring.


Hi Leila,


After seeing your post i got a little hope that i can also give birth to a healthy baby.

I am also one of the victim of APS and the ranges of Igg and Igm or very very high and it is 16 times more than normal range to be.

Kindly please provide me the information on how the medication u had taken with APS Syndrome during pregnancy.

I already had 3 miscarriages because of APS SYndrome.During the 3rd time we came to know that APS syndrome is the culprit for the earlier 2 miscarriages and started taking Heparin injections after 5 weeks pregnancy.But by that time only the miscarriage has had happened in the 6 i had totally 3 miscarriages.

Now i am not in a position to conceive again because of miscarriage fear.Please reply to this post.I need your help in giving moral support and the medication you followed and what are the other precautions u had taken through out the pregnancy and given healthy birth to your two babies.


Awaiting for your reply deperately.

Thanks in advance.

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