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Hi, my relative was recently diagnosed with a lyme disease. He generally feels very bad and is on some antibiotics treatment. I would like to know about lyme disease transfer. Is it contagious, like, could I get lyme from him?


No man. You must be bitten by an infected blacklegged tick to get a lyme disease. Lyme is diagnosed based on its` symptoms – fatigue, fever, malaise, joint and muscle pain, physical findings – the location of the byte and rash. First there is a question of possibility of exsposure to infected ticks – not all ticks are infected. In a few antibiotic weeks your relative should be just fine. To prevent lyme disease make sure that you have removed the ticks promptly. If you got bitten. The ticks can sometimes transmit other tick-borne diseases.


Lyme Literate Md's are finding Lyme can be transferred many ways. Mosquito bites, any blood sucking insect. The bacteria is nearly identical to syphilis and is now thought to be transmitted sexually as well. Lyme disease is a VERY serious infection that is extremely hard to eradicate unless it is caught within days of the bite, it enters the central nervous system and can lay dormant for years. You can go into remission, but many relapse.

There are lyme-wars between doctor's on how to treat this serious infection. The best advice is to join a lyme disease forum, speak with the experts (the patients) and find a lyme literate Md. Testing at all labs Quest, Labcorp etc., use a "kit" that is highly unreliable and to get an accurate test, your blood must be sent to Igenex Lab in Palo Alto.

If you have lyme (which is called the great imitator and often misdiagnosed from everything from Fibro to Parkinsons and everything multi-system) you will also need to be tested for other bacteria called co-infections. All infections must be treated for a patient to reach remission and that could take months or years once chronic.

This is one disease you do not want to experience, it is like having MS, Parkinsons and the treatments are like Chemo, grueling.

50% of ticks carry lyme and who knows how many other blood sucking insects are carriers.

Unfortunately, the mainstream Md "world" will misdiagnose you in most cases and you suspect lyme get to a lyme literate Md - patients can help you find one, as they are very hard to find.

Youtube is also an excellent place to learn by searching Lyme Disease.

Take charge of your health - doctor's have limited knowledge and tend to always overlook lyme disease.