So, I have had easily touchable lymph nodes on my neck for over 4 years. 3 on the left side and 1 on the right side. About a month ago I found a possible lump over my left collarbone I can't say surely how big it is since the more accurately I try to put it between my fingers the smaller it gets. It's mostly soft and I can only put a really really small and hard part of it between my fingers. The hard part is smaller than a pea and you can't feel it simply by pressing, you have to put it between my fingers. But it the whole lump feels like size of a walnut, but it doesn't feel the same that the lymph nodes feel in my neck. I can easily feel my lymph nodes on neck by simply pressing my fingers against my neck but this I can't feel at all. I can only feel the lump if I put it between my fingers or someone who massages me might also feel it. But can't feel it at all by pressing my fingers on the same spot. I have similar tissue(?) on my right side but it feels more like a muscle there and less like a lump. I have thought that if this lump is also a muscle since it seems to "fit in place" unli meaning I can't feel it by pressing.