Hi, I've had "muscle" ache for a while now, few months. I just shrugged it off to be Crohn's or Irritale bowel syndrome due to the bowel related issues i've been having. I had pain radiating in areas like the groin(both sides same area) Shoulders, elbow areas, chest, near armpits, upper thigh and on one of my armpits. I then started to get pain in my throat and it was generally in areas i could feel my lymph nodes. If i touch it it hurts a lot and the pain is similar to the other points in my body. I'm a little worried and will be going to a doctor on Tuesday as it's bank holiday today. . 

i have pain in 19 lymph node spots(possibly more). 
What could it be? Anything serious?
Also have high WBC and low platelets. WBC = 13 - 18(constantly high for 1 year) Platelets = (110 - 128) Constantly low for 1 year.
I have been in and out of hospital appointments for bowel related issues and am having an small bowel MRI on the 21st to rule out Crohn's disease.
Pain generally starts like a throbbing feeling and then settles down and sometimes hurts constantly or only sometimes like when i exert myself. It is always tender. All points have been tender for months but neck area only 1 month.