Hi, I am new here and I am hoping someone can help me. About a week and a half ago I started having pain in both shoulders and just generaly achy all over, mainly in the joints.. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about a year ago after a bunch of test because of fatigue, pain, numbness etc.. I had complete blood work MRI with contrast of the brian, and entire spine etc.. Anyway that is what I thought was causing these latest symptoms..
I was rubbing my shoulder last week and right near my left collar bone I felt this little lump, it would roll up onto the collarbone when I pushed then immediatly roll back down. Needless to say I looked it up on the internet and found nothing but CANCER........ From what I have read this is basicaly the worst place to have an enlarged lymph node?
So I went to my GP, he was not concerned but I still asked for blood work to check a CBC etc.. he said everything came back fine... I went to an ENT who sent me for a MRI with contrast of the neck, well in reading the report it says something like Two small lesion are seen that are totally non-specific.. most likely tiny lymph nodes.. measuring 5mm it also stated that there were simuliar nodes on the other side and in the neck?? No masses etc..?? Well this is my question should I be concerned.. these doc's do not think it is anything at all, but I am not sure if this is something I should let go or not. I am still having the pain in my shoulders and it is in the same area as these bumps. PLEASE HELP ME