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Hey everyone, I have a Persian cat back at home and I just found out that she has swollen lymph nodes. I’m at the seaside at the moment and my dad is the one who noticed that she was swelling a lot, and when he wanted to cuddle her, he noticed underneath his fingers that her lymph nodes are swollen. These nods are on her neck as he told me. He took her to the vet and he confirmed that she has these swollen lymph nodes. My dad didn’t understand the vet very much while he was talking so I’m here to ask you guys if I should be worried about my cat? Is this thing serious?


Hello. It depends in which situation is your cat. Vets usually prescribe treatment and medications and they do that depending on the underlaying cause of the lymph node enlargement. So if it is treated right, it is not that dangerous. But I have to tell you that cancer is very common reason for lymph nodes enlargement. The size of the lymph node may give clues in this regard. Painless lymph nodes are usually associated with primary lymph node cancer. Very hard lymph nodes are more suggestive of metastatic cancer. This is why it is very important to visit your vet and determine what stage of disease is.



Hey everyone.


Unfortunately it can be really dangerous. Here is a story.

My good friend Sarah noticed that her cat has enlarged lymph nodes and that they are swollen.

But someone told her that this will just disappear.

I didn’t know about this issue. I would help her. That is sure.

To cut long and sad story short, her cat had tumor and she died very soon/

It was really painful for her. She was in pain for the last days of her life.

It can be very dangerous.

It is very important to observe and check your cat daily.

When you see something unusual, react!  



Hi guys,

This isn’t about a one time visit to your vet: you will need to bring your cat for examination once a week until you are finished with her swollen lymph nodes.

And this is because lymph nodes can be, and usually are very dangerous. They can easily be cancerous, and even if they are not, if they are not treated by the time being, they can turn into something more nasty, they could cause a serious infection, or, could become cancerous in the meantime.

So, the answer to your question, how dangerous the swollen lymph nodes are would be: very, very dangerous. Life threatening. Take her to the vet as fast as possible.




I totally agree with rubylock. You need to be constant and visiting your vet all the time.

It can be nothing but lymph nodes, swollen lymph nodes in cats can be very dangerous.


There are several phases of this disease and the worst thing that can happen to your cat is that masses in lymph nodes are cancerous.

In this situation it is very hard to treat it. Maybe there is a chance to heal it but trust me, it is a hell for your cat and for you.


They can be fatal for your cat if you don’t notice them and heal them on the time with the proper treatment.



Hi there,

I believe that it is too early to panic. Not to early to be worried, though.

Lymph nodes can be cancerous, but it is just one of the options. It can be a symptom of skin disease, or it could be one out of bunch of bacteria. It can be a response to body’s allergic reaction.

In any of these cases, you need to pay extra attention to your cat as she needs it in this period. Regular visits to your vet are recommended, consult him about the treatment all the time until your cat gets better.

It is best not to play with this thing for, in the end, it could be fatal.



Hey guys,

I happen to have some experience with swollen lymph nodes. I have a Chihuahua and I remember that this one time, she had swollen lymph nodes.

I found it out while I was cuddling with her. She had these big nodes and she was sweating in the same place. I took her to the vet and he said that it was probably an allergic reaction or something, he wasn’t really sure.

I remember that we tried to treat it with medications and with some sort of diet. I’m not sure what the diet was, I think I was supposed to give her raw food.

Anyway, in my case, this wasn’t dangerous at all.


I’ve just realized that you were all talking about cats and I’m here talking about my dog. :facepalm: Today I’ve noticed that her lymph nodes are a bit swollen and I remembered that I was commenting on a post like this just a week ago. Can you imagine that, what a coincidence.
Anyway, if there is someone here who has experience with lymph nodes in dogs, pm me please.
As for the cats, I don’t have any experience with swollen lymph nodes even though I have cats. None of them ever had problems like this. I don’t think it’s too serious though.