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Good day folks.

I found this cat with four kittens two days ago near the river. They are so adorable.

But, there is one problem – I really don’t have where to go with them, there is no place in my yard or my house.

They are in my basement, and I know that this is not a solution.

To cut long story short, when I found them, I saw that mother cat is sick.I took her to the vet the same day, and he told me to come tomorrow, because she needs to be treated. Her lymph nodes are swollen.

Can you tell me what are the causes of swollen lymph nodes in cats? 



Hey there girl.

Wow, that it is so nice. You took those cats, even if you know that you don’t have where to go with them. Also, you took this cat to the vet.You are really nice person, I don’t know you, but I admire you.

There are some causes of swollen lymph nodes in cats.

The main cause of the enlarged lymph node MUST be determined.

It is, in fact, a bacterial infection, and this is common in cats. Meds can help her fight this unpleasant disease.

But, since I don’t know what caused swollen lymph nodes in your cat, I can't tell you what is the proper way of healing it.

As for causes – there are a lot of them. 



Hi everyone…


Sometimes, it can be really hard and complicated issues. I didn’t know that much about lymph nodes when I got my cat, but first time when I have heard how this can be dangerous, I tried to learn a lot about this.


Here we go.

Causes can be bacterial, such as Pasteureall, Bacteroides and Fusobacterium spp. Bartonella spp also can cause lymphoid.

Infections commonly include lymphadenitis as one of the manifestation of this disease.

Also, there are many viral infections that can implicated to lymph nodes.


As you can see, there are so many causes and you really should observe your cat’s behavior. 



Hello. Like others told you, there are numerous of causes of swollen lymph nodes in cats. There are four main causes of swollen lymph nodes, such as infection – that can be bacterial, viral, fungal and protazoal, cancer, allergy and inflammation. Nobody can tell you what is the main cause, until you see someone who is an expert in this area. For example, my friend’s dog had this health issues as well, and it was caused by some weird allergy. So, you should let your vet do some main things to determine what is the cause. It is the only way to treat your cat in this case. 



Good day friends,


Swollen lymph nodes in cats is a common condition, which might arise for any number of different causes, different reasons. It can be difficult to tell what is the main cause for this, in your cat, but you should watch out for some certain symptoms, that can indicate to this disease.


You should observe behavioral changes, that can help you indicate what is the main cause of this suffering problem? You should know that swollen lymph nodes don’t typically arise without prior cause, so, you may need to observe signs of some other condition as well.

That is the only way! 



Hey. I totally agree with you guys.You should react on time.

I did some research about this, again, and I found out that numerous lymph nodes exist within the thoracic and abdominal cavities.

Now, in this case, they cannot be palpated really easily, because their enlargement does not show up on the routine blood samples.

In this case, ultrasound is necessary.

I really don’t want to scare you, I just want to say that you should be really careful when it comes about this.

If you don’t treat it right, on time, it can turn into cancer.

That could be a huge problem,…