Before a migraine would strike, many suffers report seeing flashing lights, shooting stars or lines and may experience weakness, tingling, loss of vision, before the actual migraine pain, nausea and vomiting would start.
Scientists have developed a hand machine with electric impulses which would allow migraine sufferers to avoid the last and the most devastating phase of the striking migraine just as the warning signs would start.

When placed against the back of head, the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device would start emitting a quick magnetic pulse triggering an electric current in the neurons in the brain.

During the study, the patients who used the device at the migraine onset reported improved headaches and avoiding development of a full-blown attack. It also experienced less nausea, noise and light sensitivity after using the TMS device.

No side effects were reported and a new study is about to take place involving more patients to check for the results.