I'm 33 years old and it appears I am the culprit in the marriage who is unable to reproduce.

Looking back at my life, it makes me question about one incident when I was 19, where my then 17 yr old girlfriend became pregnant. I'll admit, I was naive, stupid, etc. and for the life of me now looking at it, should've checked to make sure it was mine. Later I realized I couldn't since you can't test paternity until the fetus is 21 weeks; my ex lost it at 12 weeks.

Could it be that it wasn't mine to begin with? Very possible. If it was, then why would the next g/f, who happens to my wife, where we've had sexual intercourse millions of times and she never got pregnant.

Now, this may sound funny to you, but as soon as I got married which was at 28, I felt a slow disinterest in sex. Since then it's been pretty much downhill.

Upon checking this out with the Urologist, he determined that I am unable to produce sperm and in addition to that my testosterone levels are too low, which seems symptomatic of andropause, male menopause. My doctor never mentioned is, but perhaps it's because I am way below the average age (of 40) that usually starts at. Could I be an exception to the rule, at the lower end of the age range?

We did a series of tests:

1) Semen Analysis ... resulted in Semen - Yes; Sperm - None.
2) Blood Tests ... determined that my brain is telling my body to produce sperm and testosterone
3) Blood Tests ... determine that my testosterone levels were in the mid 100s, which according to him is too low. I think he said the range is 300-1000 normally.

He cited that I could do a biopsy of the testicles, but he called this procedure to be purely academic, which seemed to me to say doing it will only help me understand what's going on with the testicles, but it won't necessarily correct or treat it.

He had me start on a 30-day regimen of Testim 50mg. I must say this stuff is NOT cheap even though insurance covered 55% of the cost. Gosh, I hope there's something cheaper out there, as my doc tells me I have to take this for life.

But, my thought is that did he forget something? I was looking up the male reproductive system and wondered, did he ever consider that perhaps I am producing sperm, but that the Vas Deferens is blocked? He seems like a fairly experienced Urologist and I will be asking him this on my next visit, after I finish my 30 days of Testim 50mg. Is there something that I should be exhibiting for him to think perhaps it's the Vas Deferens?