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I have had three yeast infection in the last two years. I am a mlae so they come has blisters and the doctor supplies really high dosage pills to help me out. Well now i have the same blisters, but i have white bumps that easily pop clear puss as if it was poison ivy of something. I only have one blister and two bumps on the left side of my testicles/leg. Do you think this is just another yeast infection?


Honestly I don’t think these are yeast pimples but rather sebaceous glands’ cysts or something like that.
Do these bumps disappear once you squeezed all the white stuff out of them?

I get these bumps from time to time and they go away on their own if I do not touch them. I know if I continued to squeeze them, they might get infected and then I would need to take antibiotics, etc…..

Did you have sex unprotected and exposed yourself to a STD?

I think that the white stuff that goes out of these bumps is just sebum made by sebaceous glands but of course I may be wrong.

Maybe, you could have it checked by your urologist who handles your yeast infections. If it truly is sebaceous cysts, at least you will know next time. I suspect that they can even show up after masturbating with dirty hands or something like that.

You didn’t tell me where these white blisters are situated? Mine usually appear on the shaft or scrotum!


There were three white bumps,(one bump next to blister on leg-other two bumps on tecticles) I squeezed them and a clear/waterish substance came out. I had one blister on side of my leg next to genitals. They are all clearing up just fine to me it seems. I clean the area once or twice a day.

I hope I didn’t expose myself to STD, I wasn’t informed, if they even know. :-/

Other than that I don’t thing it was a sebaceous cyst, but it looks like another kind of cyst.



Sebaceous glands usually produce sebum, which is thick, white substance that usually has a bad smell if you sniff it.

Have you thought if an inflamed ingrown hairs? They appear as small pimples with puss inside and can be popped but you can also squeeze this lymph out of them. I sometimes get them on my ass when I sit a lot on my chair on front of the computer. They go away on its own but usually they reappear. When my girlfriend wants me to shave down there, I get them too once the hairs start growing. And my girlfriend also gets them on her groins.

If they stay inflamed for too long, some doctors prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the possible bacterial presence.

Have you managed to get rid of them?