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Okay, so for the past 5 months I have been suffering from stomach and other nervous system problems all stemming from the instant that I smoked marijuana. It wasn't laced for sure, since I was smoking with other friends. I smoked the stuff in December. Once I smoked the stuff, and I have to mention that I did swallow two big gulps of it, I began to experience extreme nausea, constant burping, a gurgling stomach, and the urge to go number 2 really really bad. Not to mention an intense burning pain throughout my body and a sense of confusion. I am not a pot head, as I have smoked 10 times since I was 18, and not that new to it either, 20 years old only. Anyways the next day I woke up, I was still overcome with complete nausea and also felt a lump in my throat sensation along with the gurgling. Now I tried going to the bathroom but I couldn't- at all. I also felt extremely soreness in  all my muscles, to the point where it was hard even to sit up straight because my back hurt. Really weird because I am an avid weightlifter and never felt this sore. The burning sensations, tingling in my hands, are also still there. Fast forward to today and my symptoms include tingling in my hands, the burning sensations remain, a gurgling stomach, undigested - feathery looking stool in the morning, constipation only during the day with mucus, constant burping, buzzing in my hands, prickly and tingling in my arms and legs. I had every test under the sun- all normal even MRI's of brain and spine. I told my gastro and neuro about the marijuana, but they were puzzled and didn't even consider the idea that it could be the cause, they just said it was bad and not to do it again. I just need a little sense of direction, and to make a statement and say that marijuana really isn't for everyone, so don't even try it in the first place!


Still messed up, getting better, but not at all 100%.