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I underwent a face lift, neck lift and upper and lower eye lid surgery three days ago. I have meard that facial massages will speed healing. Can anyone give me tips on how to do them as well as when I can begin? Thanks !!


My aunt had face lift a year ago and I remember that she was consulting with her doctor about going to the massages and afterwards she was doing it by herself. It was around 4th week after the surgery when she had started with massages. So first you should visit the doctor and ask him to show you what you should do because that should be something like light pressing with fingertips into lumpy areas. Enough just to stimulate blood flow. After he show to you the best way to take care of your face and neck you shouldn't ignore it. After all you have paid a lot of money for face lift so don't skip massages.

And if it is not a problem to you maybe you would like to share your experience with us. There are a lot of woman wondering what they should about their face in certain age and is the face lift the best solution.

So are you satisfied and would you do the whole procedure again?

Thank you in advance.