10 days ago I underwent a full face and neck lift with upper and lower eyelid surgery .

im very happy with my surgeon and did a lot of research ,the recovery is a lot slower than I imagined the swelling and rising is still very much there it does get abit better everyday. I had my stitches out a week ago and my staples are due to be removed in next week .

im really concerned about the wound behind my ear it keeps bleeding all the time and I have a large swelling behind the ear going down into my neck that is very swollen . I have the normal numbness both sides of my face also my left eye is very very strange it's like it doesn't open enough in the corner And really bumpy

 still have a lot of crusting there hope my eye doesn't stay this way so scared looks abnormal .

i have really struggled with my eyesight since this surgery still everything's a blur can't drive too unsafe .

i really hope all this is worth it because at the moment I cannot see improvements I have already on antibiotics due to infection in right ear , I have felt terrible had a fever and absolutely shattered I did not expect to feel this way at all.

i do believe more emphasis should go on recovery because all I hear is you'll be fine in ten days ect .