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I am 55 and wondering, having had great success with fillers, whether to take the next step and have a face lift with fat transfer, or whether it is best to wait. One surgeon is pushing a full face lift and fat transfer, stating that he has 60% survival of fat to cheeks. I have not read of anyone having this. This surgeon is low profile and I don't see any complaints or lawsuits online. Other surgeons all say that fat transfer is risky and may dissipate and that I only need the lower face and neck done. Is it best to wait or do whatever appears more urgent? I have several important events coming up and fear looking freaky along with wasting money and being traumatized. Any helpful comments would be so much appreciated. Thanks so much.



I'm glad you had success with fillers because not everyone does.  I think I would wait for a fat transfer especially because you have some special events coming up.  Your doctor sounds a little over zealous in his pursuit to get you to do this precedure.  I agree with what other surgeons are saying in that fat transfer may dissipate.  Fat cells have a way of moving around when they're put where they don't belong.  I would really be leery of having a fat transfer done.  I don't think I would do it.  At least if you're going to get it done wait till later.  Take a little more time to learn more about how the procedure really works.