I am suffering from terrible anxiety attacks and mood swings (as you would get in early pregnancy only more profound) I cry at the drop of a hat.
After a ruptured ovary and emergency surgery two years ago (fortunately I was able to keep my other ovary and uterus and my period continues.) I began having these 'attacks' ... a couple of times a week at first. Always upon awakening. They would last 30-40 mins. Heart palpitations, nausea, rolling stomach, roller coaster like. Now they are a DAILY occurance, always upon awakening (even a nap) and I can feel the symptoms of the attacks just below the surface throughout the day. These attacks can last up to TWO HOURS now bfore I can even function properly. They disrupt my sleep. As for the crying .. this is a more recent symptom and is triggered by anything, even a commercial on television. I am not pregnant (tubal ligation 8 years ago). This has been going on and getting worse since my surgery two years ago. I cannot use my cycle to determine if I am entering menopause as it has always been irregular. Questions: Could this be perimenopause? Could the loss of the ovary have anything to do with it? If it is the onset of menopause, would hormone replacement therapy help these attacks? And my biggest question: Is there a TEST to determine if indeed I am entering menopause?