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I am looking for information about what types of symptoms are there associated with methadone withdrawals. I read some of the stories about addictions to the medications. It seemed that the majority of the stories were about people who used it to get high in some way. I was put on methadone for over 5 years to help combat the severe pain that I am in, a result of an illness. I had stones in my pancreas, my labor pains didn't compare to the pain that a pancreas can cause. I also use morphine products to help combat the pain. I recently went o a new pain management doctor, to find out more about a new pain program that I read about. It's called "Tame the Pain". I allowed him to try to deaden a couple of nerves, that didn't work, and now I have another chronic pain from the nerve coming back alive. The doctor then decided to take me off of my methadone, and my MS Contin. To be replaced by Oxycontin, and some percocette. He didn't give me anytime to withdraw off of the Methadone. I am experiencing some symptoms, and I am having trouble deciding if it is new pain, or withdrawal? So, I was looking for all of the different symptoms. My bones in my legs are killing me!!!


I am going threw the same thing only i am a lot worse my head is hurting so bad i hear bells ringing my body is weak and i am having bad chills in the summer with no fever i have been to every er room all Dr.s they have done head scans chest exrays yes for got i been having discomfort in my chest some pain i been to heart doctor done the stress test now they have done a vest nile vires which came back good and a cancer test waiting on it but every doctor i,v seen which is about 5 say its coming off the methadone if something or meds will do ou this way they shouldn,t be on market.But i was told i am in Mississippi that some of the pain clinics work for the makers of methadone i was never explain the problems that this would give and i was having withdrawals while i was taking it cus i took it for bout 5 years also and before that i was on morphine but it did,nt do me this way so thats why i am looking for symptoms.they say time i ts been a week since i completly stop them.if u are having anyof this please let me know and yes my arms and feet sare hurting sometimes i all most fall when a pain hits. i will help you if you help me with info thatis and thanks a lot i hope you gets to feeling better.

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