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I suffer with severe migraines which have stroke symptoms and I found they were a lot worse when I had my first child. I am planning on becoming pregnant at the end of the summer and I was wondering if there was anything i could do to reduce the chance of it happening so frequently as it is very draining and it means i can't enjoy the experience of being pregnant.
I take one 75g asprin every day but obviously I cant do that if i becoming pregnant!! Help!

Many thanks,

Katherine Brander


Doctors will give you medications for the head aches while pregnant if you need them, or at least they should. However you need to find out what the reason was behind them and might want to see a neurologist about it. Sometimes severe migraine headaches in pregnancy are a sign of preeclampsia , where as it can just be normal for some women (I have had them with baby #2 and this pregnancy which is #3).