I have been using Mirena for 7 years and had the latest one put in about 3 months ago. On 2nd June it came out on its own without any bleeding. I was with my partner during the week before it came out but not since (we live in different countries). On 5th and 6th June I have had what I would describe as a rose pink colour spotting, very very light and no red blood or clots. I did a pregnancy test on 6th (after the spotting) and it had a feint 2nd line but have since done other brands of test to confirm and they are coming up negative. I now don't know what to think... was this spotting a withdrawal bleed, a period or an implantation bleed... I'm assuming it wasn't a chemical pregnancy as the test was positive after the spotting and as I understand it that would have been a heavy bleed with clots. I am extremely tired and bloated to the point where my clothes are too tight to comfortably wear and I feel very very full and unable to eat and I have a headache. Again I don't know if these symptoms are withdrawal symptoms from Mirena or early pregnancy symptoms. I was surprised to see a positive result on the test at such an early stage as I thought you had to wait 2 weeks. I have no idea where I am in my cycle as I haven't had a period on Mirena the entire time.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I read that it is possible to get pregnant if you were sexually active in the week prior to removal but I wonder has this ever actually happened to anyone?