Ok I had my first baby Feb 8 2009 well one month later I got the mirena in well at first I had a lil bit cramping and spooting and then it went away so i thought nothing else abt it and didnt have anymore problem's.. well I kept it in for 3 years but on the last year I was having problems with painful intercourse and abdominal pain and weird filling on one or both upper sides so i thought maybe it was my gallbladder well I go get it check out turns out that there was nothing wrong with it so then I had to keep going to the emergency bcuz of the painful intercourse and maid sure that my iud didnt shift or anything well since it hadnt so they checked for stds and nothing was wrong so I kept going to the emergency and kept on etc.. well after awhile I thought that I had syst on my ovaries got a ultrasound done nothing once again so finally I said forget it and I got my iud removed thinking that it would get better and possibly stop but nnooo it didnt so I dealt with it well I still have my pain with cramping and intercourse and breast tenderness, lower bck pain and upper bck pain also my periods where on and off well recently for the past 2 months I have had my peroid non stop heavy at that... I need help and every time I see a Dr. Its the same thing pelvic exam and std test and the outcome is the same.. and cant or they want tell nun im so tired of the pain and nun is getting better please somebody hhheeeeelllppppp!!!!!