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So this is gonna have a lot of dates but ...:

So I've been taking my Birth Control for about since March then stopped for 1 month (Sept-Oct), then went back on it.

I had my period with my pill on the 13th-17th of November. Then I forgot my birth control durring Thanksgiving so i started to bleed again on 22nd-23rd ill the 26th-27th ish. When i got back from Thanksgiving i took the pill on Saturday (24) Sunday (25) and I believe also on Monday the (26), then i lost them till Saturday (1) when i continued them again. Then on the 27th i had sex and he came in me, (sorry if tmi) and then again on the 2nd of decemeber.

I hear most people have trouble conceiving the month they got off BC , and i was hoping that it may be true because I CANNOT be pregnant right now,

and is there a way to get rid of whats inside of me without getting other people involved? Like maybe double dose BC? or drink caffeine, lots of it?

I need help badly.. thank you!!! XOXO


since you missed so many pills there is a chance you could become pregnant. Since you last had sex on the 2nd you can still take a Plan B pill and it be effective, just in case.

Doing anything other that is dangerous and I would not recommend. Doubling up on BC and drinking lots of caffeine will not do anything.