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Hey there,

I'm kind of desperate right now and I'm not quite sure what to do so I'm hoping that someone could help me out a bit ^^'

I'm 17, have a fiance (long distance relationship, so we see each other max once a month) and, well, we had unprotected sex (it's really uncomfortable to do it with a condom and lube, it even burns sometimes a bit :/ ), didn't had my period for 2 months now (no, I'm not pregnant, used a pregnancy test, and my period comes and goes as it wishes but it happens every month) - during these 2 months I felt really good - no pain, stress or anything, but now, lately I'm experiencing pain again* where my ovaries are, and sometimes in the uterus (*it happens almost every day to me, in the morning, for about 2 years now so I got used to it) and I also noticed that I'm having more white discharge as usual - it's a bit like goo and it smells odd, but nothing bad... Also, no burning, itchiness and so on... So what could it be? :/P.S. - my fiance sent a letter to a gyn. few days ago and the answer he got was quite...disturbing... It said something that I might have to go no a surgery :/ I'm really worried about that cause it might decrease the chance of having a child in the future... :c


Can't help you there, but you should go and see the doctor... :(