Okay I am hoping someone knows what is up with me. It all started about two months ago I was having irritation and burning during sex as well as some itchiness. I thought maybe it was just from my vaginal wash (I started using summer's eve a couple weeks prior and was maybe washing too hard) but decided to make an appointment anyway. I went to planned parenthood bc I have no insurance and she looked at me and asked what these tiny bumps were (there are A LOT, they look like little goosebumps, they are white. almost looks like the pores down there are irritated?). anyway, she said I had genital herpes and I had to go home and tell my fiance of 3 years I had herpes that I must have gotten from a previous relationship (I've only had sex with two other guys besides my fiance, my fiance is a virgin and so was one of the other guys, only one was not a virgin). I was devastated. I asked if there was a way to prove it was herpes, mostly because I was in shock (I had not even noticed the bumps before the visit) she said i could wait until they opened up and get a swab of them or do a blood test in 3 months because she said it was to be a blood test 3 months after your first "outbreak" or you can get a false positive. I said I wanted to wait to get the medication and she said I was in denial and would come back in a couple of days when my sores opened bc I would get uncomfortable. well its been 2 months and these white bumps have not gotten worse or better, I'm guessing if it was herpes they would have opened up by now. If I squeeze them nothing comes out usually but sometimes a little tiny bit of white stuff comes out. Like I said I have a lot of them and they are all on the inner lips of my vagina but none around my vagina hole or my butt hole. I stopped using the summers eve and the itching and burning during intercourse went away. I don't have any pain, itching, nothing! Just these little white bumps that won't go away and I feel like I'm a little redder down there than normal. I stopped using my laundry detergent today thinking maybe that would be causing some irritation so well see if that helps, but if not I'm going to go to a different planned parenthood this weekend that is in another town. Anyone know what this is?