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It would start to severely itch from the nipple to breast area. Feels like ants and i develop tiny dry spots around areola. Went to several doctors and no lupus or no cancerand no solution. Basically different ointments that dont help. I've had this problem for about for about 8yrs. I found out what helps me when i start to feel the itch coming back is this routine : tea tree oil-skin & scalp treatment(walmart..shampoo section..african american area),1claratin allergy tablet in the morning and bras-not cotton, loose fitting and moisturizer for sensitive skin. No coffee...drink arizona green tea or chai tea and lots of water. Apply: tea tree on nipple, in morning after cool short shower,before you dry off. Then, apply moisturizer. At night: apply tea tree on nipple & breast and air dry. No not sleep with bra. I just put a towel lightly over to cover me and keep the oil from staining my blankets. Washing bras: i use purex for sensitive skin (green bottle) and air dry.


Hi gabbyk

Thanks for feedback. However I have a suggestion - try soap nuts to wash bras and clothing - it is the gentlest and natural way of cleaning them.

Good luck