Hello all,

If you are coming to this site or any other sit searching in panic mode because you just found out you have hpv..genital warts just breathe!! That is really the first step. You are going to feel really helpless and that is normal.

When I was firstdiagnosed i lost my mind until I realized HPV is very common and really almost 1 person out of your circle of friends has it! You can go to the doctors for a quick clean up and it will hurt a bit. You may have to go back several times depending on how big and how many. I want to share what I did and hopefully it helps someone! I had a few..went to the doctors and then they were gone. About a month ago one showed up and I felt doomed. I piss moaned about it all month applying different things here and there and nothing worked. Til finally i picked up more tea tree oil and dedicated my time into correcting the issue. Each evening i would take a q tip and soak it in the oil. I would rub it on the area and hold it there for 10 minutes at a time. After completed, take a cotton swab and soak it in the tea tree oil, hold it on the area and put a band aid on it. Sleep with it! I did this for about 4 days. You do burn slightly and I did not dilute the oil. I used it straight on my skin! After the 3rd day it turned black. That night i applied the oil right at the root. The following evening it fell right off! There's hope! It isnt easy and you have to take the time to do this...but worth it. Good luck and fear not it does get better. You will always feel a little down but it does get better. Have faith my friends!