For as long as I could remember I will randomly get these intense muscle spasms in sporadic places on my body.

Most of the time I will be laying in bed and it will just feel like there was something inside my leg that just "jumps" a few times and is gone. I get this throughout my whole body. Along my sides, in my chest area, my fingers, on my arms, my buttocks, my back, my eyes twitch. They don't hurt though.

And when I am sitting down my inner thighs shake uncontrollably, you can't see them, but they spasm very hard and unless I put my hands in between my thighs or my feet flat on the ground they don't stop.

The ones along side my body feel like they are right next to my ribcage, but happen mostly on the left side. I have also gotten a "spasm" in my breast area on the left side.

Does anyone know what could be causing these?
Any help is appreciated :-)