Hello gang. First I am 1 year post op. Have/had all of the above and by the end of the day my strechy pants still hurt. Started working out with a personal trainer. Have been gluten free for years. No celiacs just have MS and thought the diet might help. Got on the scale this morning and finally broke 120 doesn't sound that bad but starting the journey at 5'2 113 pounds you would think I would be lighter not heavier. Drains were taken out too soon. Developed Seroma and mycrobaterium abscesses according to my CAt Scan was put on Bactrum and developed hemolytic anemia. (hemoglobin very low.) needed 4 blood transfusion and prednisone which put almost 20 pounds on me. Finally started at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight along with an increased dose of Wellbutrin because of weight gain depression. If I don't work out I stay at around 120-121 and have to diet a lot. If I do work out my weight comes down to 118 so far lowest. Once I hit that weight though I cheat on diet with some sweets so naturally gain it back. Always could skip a meal and loose 2 pounds. Now at 50 and post tummy tuck have to really get that hour in. Cardio first and weights second to ensure that fat is burning all day. Had 2 revisions and still have a little bump where all the draining of seroma took place. Hate working out but it is the only thing that works. Raisins at night (not too many) to make sure bathroom issues are solved. 1 or 2 cups of coffee in the morning and standing for about 20 minutes helps as well. Used to be just decaf grrr. Hope this helps some people. Don't be afraid to talk to your surgeon if you can't get them to agree if your scar is uneven or something perhaps they will fix that and while fixing they will clean it up without admitting fault. Good luck. Still struggling but see a light at the end of this tunnell. Working out seems to be helping a lot. Lots of salads with Chicken beef once a week for iron. Let's hope for a good outcome for all of us.