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I’m 24 years old female, 5' 6" tall and I weigh 154 lbs. I’m not too overweight, but I feel I’d look much better if I could lose some pounds and tone my muscles a bit. Few of my friends are doing crossfit and I’m thinking about joining them in the gym or the ‘box’ as they call it.

What I’m not completely sure about though is if I really need training that’s intense as crossfit seems to be, at least from what I’ve seen online. Do I really need all the weight lifting and intensive cardio to lose just a few pounds? Does crossfit requires a certain diet as well?



crossfit is designed to be short, but very high intensity workout that includes both cardio and weight lifting exercises, and there is no doubt that you will gain some muscle mass and possibly lose some weight by doing only crossfit. However, crossfit doesn't include any specific dietary recommendations, and the fact is - you'll get a lot more hungrier after the intensive workouts, so you, in the end, might end up with more muscle mass but also with more weight overall.

You can try few crossfit workouts and see how they feel, but you'll need a proper diet plan to actually start burning fat, as well.