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I had my gallblader removed 2 years ago and i gain almost 50 pounds. my wedding is coming up in 3 months and i want to loose weight fast. Please do you have any suggestions?


How is your diet currently and do you exercise? The tried and true results come from a healthy diet and at least 20 minutes a day of cardio activity. You could ride a stationary bike, go for a brisk walk or run, jump rope, stairclimb, to name a few cardio exercises. Anything that gets your heart rate up will do. While I have heard of people gaining a few pounds after gallbladder surgery, it is not impossible for you to lose weight. Three months to lose the fifty you had gained might be a bit unrealistic, but if you started today you could definately lose a significant amount. You might look around the health and fitness forum for some great ideas. Keep us posted! That is exciting that your wedding is coming up. Are you planning to take a honeymoon, and if so, where? I always love to hear about wedding planning!

Best of luck to you.