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i Need help. I’m confused. Truly confused. My bi girlfriend have been happy for the past 3 years. Two months ago she got a promotion and moved to another city.   I thought things were great between us and then I find her post on a dating site a woman looking for a woman friends only. The post hurt my heart. I’m confused don’t know if I should leave or stay. Don’t know if I should let her know that I found the post. I know that she goes to gay bars when I’m not around. I’ve never gone with her prior to the move We discussed her being bi and she assured me that she only loves the one she is with(male or female).  She assured me that nothing sexual would ever occur and I believed and trusted her because she came home and knew them before we were together.   I love her to death and until this has no trust issues. I have no idea what happens at gay bars. I kinda figured the group would have a girls night and there might be frequent hugs and pats on the butt of which didn’t bother me. The idea of her being intimate with someone other than me is making me loose my mind. If I confront her and she says it was to meet people so she could have a social life because she is new to a new city. Help please!!!


Well, idk your life or your girlfriend. But I would say just be cautious without her knowing it. Idk what you were doing on a dating website that led you to find the post, but I would say just see if anyone replies and look at their profile and etc. Jumping to conclusions can lead to the end of a very happy relationship. 

FYI many things can happen at gay bars, but it doesn't always have to be intimate/sexual. Some people really do just go there to make some friends that are the same sexuality as them. So don't get too worked up about that.

(Sorry if this doesn't help)