Hi, I have been in a (very) long distance relationship for about a year and a half. My (ex)boyfriend has told me he was depressed before we met and he has had dark thoughts ever since he was about 10 years old. Lately he’s been starting to feel depressed again and a couple of weeks ago he broke up with me saying he needs some time to work on himself. He is now seeing a therapist and if necessary he will start taking medication. He wants absolutely no conatct right now as he “doesn’t want to have to worry about anyone else”. I am so confused as our relationship was so strong and our love for each other something I have never experienced in my life before nor have I ever seen any of my friends in such a strong relationship. I understand where he is coming from and I want to give him the time that he needs. He has expressed things in a way that he might want to get back together in the future by saying things like “we need need some time apart”, “we’re breaking up for now”, and “I’m not saying this is for good”. I do believe that he would never try to leed me on or keep me waiting if he didn’t sincerely hope that we could get back together one day. I guess my question is what are the chances that when he recovers he will find his way back to me? I guess there’s not one answer to that question but has anyone experienced something similar? At this point I’m not ready to move on either way, he is the love of my life, but it would be good to hear if there is any chance for us.. If anyone has any thoughts or any experience with this kind of situation your input will be much appreciated. Thanks