So tested a positive pregnancy test this 2016 end of January and my first well being check up they have me std test and 3 days later well I was positive for other man I've slept with. My bow boyfriend still is only man I've been with in the last 5 or so years! Well rough n long story I have gut feeling I got it again. I got a pill from doc first time we both did after 7 days we had sex the 10th day I tested negative so if I'm having vaginal discharge n never had it before, well not like this, n it smells not fishy; but foul like a very active vag n honest I'm not even having sex with him 1 once a week 1 time every other anyway it's a abnormal smell... I have this gut instinct says yes u need checked but am I paranoid? Oh not to mention I am on the depo birth control shot is that maybe a cause? HELP