Hi, so I was diagnosed 10 months ago.Thought I had bronchitis-wow, what a freakin shock!! Within 2 mins of meeting me, the pulmonary specialist put me in the hospital. My lips were blue, my nails wide, thick n ridge.  Had the x-rays n strong cat scan, n pft's. Never saw a "real Dr" cuz it was a wknd. When they released me, they told me what I had but not what it was. Looked it up n was just in shock. Pretty sure I had symptoms for a few yrs. Sweating in the snow, thought my inhalers weren't doing it n that my anxiety was kicking up. Started having exasberations the spring B4 (2016)  I'm 43 and my Dr says he's never seen it so bad in someone my age. Had an open lung biopsy that cane back as advanced..Omg, chest tubes hurt while they are in, worse than giving birth! I'm on oxygen when ambulatory and sleeping, had another Pft last week, came back slightly better than the last one. So it's not worse. I am STILL in major denial n angry. I have a 15 yr old daughter who needs a mom!! Ok, I still haven't quit smoking. I have tried n tried.  So right now I'm not a lung transplant candidate, if I all of a sudden need one. Sometimes u think, why quit when the end result will be the same. I'm on Esbriet, having all side effects. Any advice on how to quit and how to get out of denial and accept this??!?? How fast does it progress. I'm scared and don't have a great support system