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My dad is 71 and has heart disease and has been doing well and was recently diagnosed with emphysema and fibrosis of the lung and they say the right lung is pretty well shot. Can my dad survive and is other people in his situation that is making it. By the way my Dad is not on any oxygen at this time.


Hello there neil763,

I am so sorry that your father has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and he already has to deal with heart condition as well. Unfortunately there is no cure for this condition because fibrosis means scaring and scars aren’t curable when they are on lungs. The only way is to do the lung transplantation but since your father is 78 years old I highly doubt that his doctor is going to recommend this option.

Meanwhile it is best to be with him as much as you can, and since you have mentioned that he is not on any type of oxygen and that he is feeling good than I believe that he has a lot of time in front of him.