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After eating Cinnamon toast crunch , my daughter had an allergic reaction which included many of the same symptoms many have described.  Starting with her bottoms lip, then her top lip and tongue.  After 10 minutes she had an uncontrollable itch over her body, followed by swollen fingers, toes, feet, hands and eventually her face. But not all fingers and toes were affected.  After researching, I have found many studies which show they are symptoms of an allergy to something she had ingested.  Cinnamon is our culprit, one of her siblings had a contact  reaction to cinnamon when she was younger, her face would break out when cinnamon made contact with her face and lips.  Hoping you all find the answers you need. 


Hi Cinnamon,

She has the signs of an allergy but was it the cinnamon or something else?

See an allergy specialist to find out exactly what it is.  Otherwise she might ingest it again and the symptoms could be even more severe.