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I'm 12 and I had my tonsils and adenoids out nearly 10 days. I am in serious pan every moment of the day and my mom is scared to give me anymore calpol or nurofen incase it damages my liver. I was fine the first day in hospital, and drank some 7up, ate 3 chocolate bars and drank some diet coke and water. I had a disturbed sleep, but I had slept through the day, waking up a few times. I went home day 2 in the morning after creek and toast and was fine. Day 3 was when everything just went horrible! I woke up in the morning unable to swallow and I went downstairs. My mother had made me breakfast but when I tried to eat it, I started to cry. And its been like this for the rest. It's going on day 10 and my mom is bringing my to the doctors tomorrow. I just want to know if this is normal? P.S. I can't see the back of my throat because it is too painful to stick out my tongue. The taste at the back of the throat has gotten so much better but my tongue is a disgusting yellow colour and I can't bruch it off because it is so painful :(


Im 18 years old and just got mine removed on Tuesday the 10. And I just want to say eating thee toast was not a smart idea. It does take a while to heal. You should have,and probably should still,stay on the basics of jello,popsicles and applesauce. Its soothing and it wont hurt. Now,when you go back tot he doctor be sure to ask for a liquid numbing for your throat so you can drink water and take your meds as needed. I understand it hurts to move your mouth but your going to have to excersize it some in order to get some feeling back. Stay away from normal foods for about 7 - 10 days. I know. Not very exciting but you want to get better right. Now,another thing. When you sleep stay at a 90 degree angle. That will help alot. If you dont want to do that you can lay completely flat on your back. Now,if your throat starts to hurt or ache,an ice pack will help it. i promse. Just either lay on you back or at an angle and let the pack just sit. Sleeping wil be ackward and out of wack because your sleeping pattern will be all displaced. With the color fo your tongue. it comes from two thing,the bacteria and the healing. Your tongue will be swollen and a nasty yellow color,its normal dont worry. And yes,the bad breath is normal too. if you ever feel like the pain is too much or your mouth feels nasty, feel free to gargle with ALCOHOL FREE listerine or hydrogine pyroxide. If you need anymore informatio or assistance  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use

I hope you feel better