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After my mother passed away from cirrhosis of the liver, (due to drinking of course) I thought my father would get the hint and stop drinking. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. 14 years later he still continues to binge drink on a regular basis. It amazes me how he's able to maintain such a normal life given his excessive drinking. He wakes up at 5 a.m. for work every single morning hangover free. (Must be nice) He works over 50 hours each week, maintains friendships with decent people, and stays in touch with the family. Not your typical alcoholic I guess. I started noticing how bad he really was about a year ago when he developed type 2 diabetes. He was in the hospital for about a week..the doctor told him he absolutely needed to quit drinking because of the amount of sugar and carbs in alcohol blah blah whatever..basically he needed to change his daily routine all together. He didn't drink (or so I think) for about 2 months. It was all down hill after that. Because he wasn't allowed to drink his precious beer anymore and never liked the taste of hard liquor, he started drinking wine. Not just a few glasses here and there..BOTTLES of wine. He just replaced the beer with wine and in his head, he was doing himself a favor. The reality is, he's not! He's told me on various occasions that he wants to try to quit drinking and that he thinks that he can stop all together but it's almost as if he's drinking more now than he ever did. AND he drives home! I think he drives drunk more than he does sober! It's frustrating to say the very least. I love my dad, he's brilliant, talented, hilarious, and has the kindest heart of anyone in the world but he just cant seem to get a grip on this addiction. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? AA is not an option. I went to a few meetings with a friend to see what it was all about and it's not something my father would ever participate in. Maybe some sort of outpatient rehab?


please take him top any rehab centre and cure him that is your duty to your dad
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