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Hi, I'm 18, my father is a total alcoholic (he is in early 40) who started drinkink since like forever. He has no feeling of shame, he doesn't understand what he is doing, has developed mental problems - when he sleeps he screams at nights because doesnt understand the line between reality and nightmare... His work is unofficial and rarely appears working, whatever cash he gets spends 80% on to get drunk. Also my mom is going she has to work long hard hours and deal with my father. Neither i neither my mom doesnt understand what extreme ways to take to deal with alcoholism. There is nothing government would do about this, so i came here for a support & advice.
p.s. i myself don't drink or smoke at all.


Good for you that you don’t drink nor smoke, I believe your father is a good example what alcohol could do to a man.
You know that alcoholism is the widely spread problem in the whole world and seems like there is no cure for that- as long as there is alcohol- there would be its consumers!
But what I think is that these consumers don’t cross the line of “moderate drinking”, when the drink, they should be aware if they drink too much it will bring some serious consequences!
At the same time, there are some alcoholics who don’t know for the boundaries. They just drink and drink and thus make problems to themselves and for the rest around them. Like your dad. Have you ever tried to talk with him about this when he is sober? You should try to catch him for a snippet of conversation when his head is clear, you tell him that him being drunk really affects you and if he cares for you (what he surely does) he would stop drinking and making you trauma.
If this doesn’t help, you should find some organization that would give you some more advice about what to do, in the town where you live must be someone having some info about this, and you try to find some phone number of some institution where you can go and ask about your dad.
Hang in there, ok??


Hi. l read that in your question that you live in Eurpoe. i am here in Australia, and for family members that live with alcoholics, we have an orginasation called Al-anon.. this agency deals with family members who are effected by the emotional damage done by living with an alcohlic. Maybe you have such an organisation in your country.

Please bear in mind that alcohilism this is a disease, and does not make the person bad, and your poor dad, would know he has a problem but is probably in denial ., as you always hurt the people around you first.

You should be very proud of yourself for not drinking or smoking :-D . this shows that you are a strong person, keep it up , even tho l know it would be very hard.