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We have just celebrated 5 years together this Feb 13 and i am desperate to have a baby and wish he felt the same way too. He just says he's too scared and doesnt want this to change just yet. As far as i am concerned now he's just beeing selfish and its all on his terms.

He know i have had gynie issues over the past few years and is very aware that its not going to be that easy for us to get pregnant anyway - i will have to go on "Clomid" but why is he just not stepping up to the plate? I have said if you dont want babies with me then just let me go - he says he does but in my heart i dont believe this anymore. I know he loves me, but the same old story, just want to get the house sorted out a bit, have a little more financial stability, get on better. blah blah blah...I have said till i am blue in the face, its never the right time, financially or emotionally sometimes you just have to go for it before its too late. having regrets and not being able to have babies is my biggest fear. I have waited all my life to have a baby with the right person, but my time is coming and going very fast.

I dont know what else to say too him, apart from give him and ultimatum - which i have said that i never want to do that as i want a baby with someone that wants one with me just as much. BUT he is just wasting my time.


he will never give you baby live him it is better for you with out him maybe you will find some one how wont baby and make you happy because it is to let for you as a women 


my wife she is 38 need baby i think all the time to give her one but because she had baby with her x i cant accept it i love her but i cant because she get old she cant make more baby maybe just one but i need 2.