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My friend is really paranoid, clingy and a liar what do me and my other best friends do?! i really do not want to be her friend! She has accused me and my 2 other best friends of bullying her, when we haven't! She calls us up all the time asking where we buy our clothes! She is mean to us and lies, i don't want to be friends with her, but i don't want to upset her, help!!!!


Hello Guest,


Actually, I think she's right- it's sounds as if you and your friend's might be bullying her.

She's paranoid? You & your friends are obviously slagging her off and you are posting a message on a public message forum also slagging her off. Sounds as if she has reason to be paranoid.

She's clingy? She wants to be your friend!

She's a liar? She's trying to impress you because she wants to be liked by you. Same reason for calling you up and asking where you buy your clothes- she simply wants be like you and your friends, because she wants to be accepted by you. God only knows why! I wonder what makes you and your gang so special.


Give the girl a break and stop being such a b*tch. If you don't want to be her friend, do it the nice way and fix her up with a someone she could possibly become friends with. Or carry on being the nasty cow you appear to be and tell her the truth- you don't like her, don't want to hang around with her, so she's better off finding some real friends.


Whatever you do in this situation, for the future, I suggest you obtain some social skills and a little bit of empathy towards people. Bullies like you often come a cropper!