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Hi, I'm being cyber bullied on websites and I need advice on hoe to stop bullying and I keep telling them to stop cyber bullying-yes, I had the courage to... not that no one else does- and they wouldn't listen, not that I expected them to. Bullies are bullies, I just need some help stopping them. I really want some advice  because they're hurting my feelings and getting on my nerves.

Thank you! 



Hi Guest

It is unfortunate that you are being targeted by bullies are you comfortable saying what they are bulling you about?

Have you told your parents and if it kids at school that are bullying you have you said anything to the teachers at your school?

Most places have laws against cyber bullying now and if you talk to your parents about it going to the police is an option as well.

Bullies tend to feed off their victims reactions and if they know they are getting to you it will unfortunately add fuel to the fire.

Can you block them from being able to post on the websites that they are bullying you on?

If there is any risk of the bullying becoming physical make sure you always practice doing things to stay safe  always be around your friends and do not go anywhere they can isolate you and catch you on your own.

You don’t need to deal with this on your own please talk with your parents and your school councillor about what they are doing to you.