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My husband is 44 years old and has been taking Percocet and Oxy Neo 30's for aprox 2 years due to a workplace injury that caused him to injur his neck. After time he began to sniff them as he built up tolerance after so long and by sniffing them he would get pain relief much sooner!! The problem is that he is now addicted. He dont want to stop taking them as he do need them for pain. But he has his mind set on just taking them orally only and is now at the end of day 2. He has been doing great so far and is at times very irritable. I know personally how hard it is to cut back with this medication as i take the same medication for fibromyalgia. I have always taken it orally but i know how easy your body can adapt to this type of medication. I have been trying to have patience and support him through this and i truly believe he can do it. He is a very strong willed man. My only concern is that as the days go on the irritation will increase. I know i have to support him through this but how do i manage to keep my patience ? Is there anything i can be doing to make this easier on him ? We have also discussed that when he gets himself off this medication and feels confident about it that i am also going to try to cut down and eventually stop taking it altogether too. And when that time comes i am going to need his support just like he needs mine right now. Just wondering if there are any other women out there who have been through the same situation and if you have any advise on how to help my husband through this difficult time he will be facing over the next little while ??


Get some Imodium (loperamide). I think Walmart is the cheapest. I have taken 100 mg daily of opiates for the last seven years and quit cold turkey. Every time I quit, I was too incapacitated from the withdrawals for work. This time I tried Imodium and it took almost all of the w/d symptoms away. I could work and go on with life. I've been off them for over a week now and feel fine. Started with five to ten at a time and a couple whenever the w/d symptoms started in. Took a couple of benadryl at night to help sleep. No sweats, no cold spine tingling, none of the suffocating feeling or heart racing. No lethargy either, whic was always the worst for me.

Have him take as many as he needs. I was leery of taking so many, but no bad constipation. No more than I had with opiates. Was able to taper way down after one week.

Now, once we are all off the devils, we need to do something for the pain. I haven't been off long enough, but hoping my pain was exacerbated by taking them and won't be nearly as bad.

Good luck and cheering you on for a positive change!